Linguistic diversity of regional and minority languages
- FUEN enhancing network of actors

In the framework of its congress in Eisenstadt, Burgenland/Austria, FUEN invited several actors in the field of regional or minority languages. About 20 representatives from several fields came.
Since 2009 FUEN has been very active in the field of promoting regional and minority languages with its network RML2future, which is supported by the European Commission.

The reason behind the initiative during the FUEN-Congress, which was moderated by Johan Häggman, former member of cabinet of EU Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban, is the fact that on the European level more political and institutional cooperation and networking between the different actors is desperately needed in view of the promotion of regional or minority languages and European linguistic diversity.

After EBLUL Europe decided to dissolve itself, there have been three networks left that receive funding from the European Commission and that work for the interests of the regional or minority languages: the FUEN network RML2future, the Mercator-network and NPLD (Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity). Furthermore there are some EBLUL Member State Committees left on national level, who are active locally for the benefit of the regional and minority languages, but who do no longer have a European connection anymore.

With a change in its statutes FUEN has made it possible now for these EBLUL Member State Committees to be admitted and thus have the opportunity to coordinate their actions on the European level. This offer was well-received by the Member State Committees who were present.

The working group that had an informal meeting during the Congress, decided to work out a joint memorandum of understanding of the different actors, in order to establish the conditions for an effective and sustainable alliance for the benefit of the regional or minority languages and for linguistic diversity in Europe.

Joint Declaration of FUEN and NPLD

Proposals for improving the situation of regional and minority languages
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