Solidary with the Roma

The central topic of the congress was the situation of the Roma in Europe. One week before the largest encounter of the autochthonous national minorities in Eisenstadt there had been a meeting between FUEN-representatives and EU Commissioner Viviane Reding on this highly topical issue. The EU Commissioner expressed her willingness to use the outcomes of the congress and the experiences and approaches for solutions offered by FUEN.

After the congress and based on the outcomes this in fact has materialised and under the auspices of former minister Dr. Jürgen Schöning, FUEN launched its own Roma-project.

With lectures, a panel discussion and in a working group the situation of the Roma as autochthonous minority in Europe was discussed during the congress. As a conclusion the »Eisenstadt Declaration« was adopted - which formulates concrete recommendations for action, addressed to all relevant national governments and European decision makers.

»In Eisenstadt we agreed that all European minorities must show their solidarity with the weakest of all minorities, the Roma; we will actively continue with this subject«, said FUEN-president Hans Heinrich Hansen.

Here you read the Roma-speech by FUEN-president Hans Heinrich Hansen.

Here you find the Congress-declaration: the »Eisenstadt Declaration«>

Here you read the description of the Roma-project: »Solidarity with the Roma - Minorities as Bridge-builders«
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