Resolutions - Messages from the FUEN-Congress

The members of FUEN have each year the opportunity to submit resolutions for at the Assembly of Delegates. These are being decided upon by all the delegates. In Eisenstadt, several organisations used this opportunity.

In the light of recent developments an urgent appeal was addressed to the Federal government of Austria in Vienna. The reason was the bill for a revised Ethnic Group Act, which was elaborated completely without the involvement of the Burgenland Croats.
This was criticised by the congress in a clear message of protest. Also the chairman of the Committee of Experts of the European Language Charter, Professor Oeter, gave very modest marks for the implementation by Austria of its obligations to fulfil the European standards from the perspective of the Council of Europe.

The Burgenland Croats had submitted a resolution on the basis of the developments in Austria.

Furthermore there were resolutions from the Aromanians in Romania, the Sorbs from Lusatia, Germany, the Western Thrace Turks from Greece and the Danish minority from Germany.

After the decision to consider the possibilities offered by a European Citizens' Initiative (submitted by the Hungarians in Romania) a resolution was adopted to support the candidature of the Crimean Tatar activist Mustafa Dzemilev - repeated visitor of FUEN-Congresses - for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Resolution Austria

Resolution Aromanians

Resolution Western Thrace Turks from Greece

Resolution Danish Minority in Germany

Resolution of the Sorbs in Lusatia

Resolution on the European Citizens' Initiative
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