1 Million signatures - FUEN considers a citizens' initiative

On the initiative of the FUEN member organisation RMDSZ, the Hungarians from Romania, who are represented with two Members of Parliament in the European Parliament and are part of the government in Bucharest, the European Citizens' Initiative was discussed as a main subject at the FUEN-Congress.

In a speech to the delegates, the Romanian minister Borbély - who belongs to the Hungarian minority and to FUEN-member organisation RMDSZ, canvassed the idea of considering within FUEN to start a citizens' initiative, which has been made possible with the Lisbon Treaty.
The delegates of FUEN agreed to consider such a minority citizens' initiative and examining how such an initiative can be implemented with several partners.

With the Lisbon Treaty this new form of citizens' involvement will be introduced to shape the policies of the European Union, the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI).

The citizens' initiative will make it possible for at least one million citizens from a quarter of the EU member states to demand from the European Commission to table a proposal in an area in which it has the competence to act.

The organisers of such an initiative - a citizens' committee consisting of at least seven EU-citizens, residing in at least seven different member states - have one year to collect the required signatures of support. The number of signatures has to be certified by the competent authorities in the member states. Subsequently the Commission has three months to examine the initiative and determine its further actions.

According to the conditions of the regulation it will be possible from 1 April 2012 onwards to start a European Citizens' Initiative.

Motion adopted by the FUEN Delegates on the EU Citizens' Initiative
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