Five years of FUEN-Charter: looking back and looking forward

Five years ago - at the FUEN Congress in Bautzen / Budysin in 2006 - the members of FUEN agreed after long negotiations to adopt a document on principles. The Charter for the autochthonous, national minorities in Europe was adopted unanimously.

The Charter includes a definition of what an autochthonous minority is and lists 13 principal fundamental rights of the autochthonous minorities in Europe. Furthermore the self-understanding of FUEN as civil society actor of the autochthonous minorities in Europe is defined and middle and long term aims and demands of FUEN are listed.

On a regular basis one out of the fundamental rights from the Charter is examined together with experts from politics, research and practice and chosen as a priority subject. Since 2006 FUEN has worked on three of the fundamental rights: the Fundamental Right to Political Participation, the Fundamental Right to Media of one's own and the Fundamental Right to Education.

The next Fundamental Right to work on, starting from 2012, will be the Fundamental Right to Language.

In his speech to the FUEN-members, FUEN-president Hans Heinrich Hansen acknowledged the importance of the Charter as »road map for the activities of FUEN«. In an open forum the FUEN presidium discussed with the members about the significance of the Charter and the further priority subjects that have to be elaborated.

Speech of FUEN-president Hans Heinrich Hansen

The text of the FUEN-Charter

The Fundamental Right to Political Participation

The Fundamental Right to Media of one's own

The Fundamental Right to Education
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